Full Size Farmhouse Bed, all recycled wood!!!!!

Submitted by leenmarie on Wed, 04/30/2014 - 22:31

I live in a very old house with very little storage space (only 2 tiny closets!) so i made the bed higher and am going to build the trundle drawers on casters for under the bed. I also liked the version i saw with the higher footboard panel. Though i kept the original height measurements for the headboard posts (because it actually ends up to be the same height as the fireplace mantle, which adds a nice design harmony to the room) the headboard panel is shorter to make up for a bigger space under the bed.
The panels are made from weathered fencing and the 4x4s are discards from a sign company that i pass by on a regular basis. So my only monetary investment was for the long screws and a new drill bit. ! I have not decided on a finish yet, i'm going to sleep on it a while. (grin)
i started out with everything just a little bit bigger because i knew that discrepancies in old wood are better off being trimmed to square rather than assuming everything will fit.
I love how the raised grain of the weathered wood creates such dramatic abstract organic designs; i went over it ever so lightly with a sander. This is the second bed i have built, but the first one that cost me virtually nothing.
There's still plenty of fencing left and i am planning a dresser and a desk. :)
Thanks so much for your inspiration and influence on the world!

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Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
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Fencing and scrap!
Finish Used
none yet. going to do some samples with clear laquer or poly, milk paint, and stains before i decide.
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