Heavy Bench for New Greenhouse - Modified Farmhouse Table

Submitted by Tonya P on Wed, 09/12/2012 - 11:38

Before my new greenhouse was even delivered and built, I was searching for ideas on potting / greenhouse benches. The company wanted nearly as much $$ for the benches as they did for the greenhouse. By accident I came upon Ana's site. I saw the Farmhouse Table plans, then I saw Handy Andy's modification of the plan, and I was inspired to build them myself!
I found a big pallet of 2x pieces of wood at Menards for $25. They usually set out a pallet of odds and ends that are of "like" items. These were about 3.5' long pcs of 2x10's and 2x8's and such (I have enough of these to do the other benches I want to build... and then some!). I also used some 2x4's that came off a really nice sturdy pallet that we picked up for free, and the rest were just boards we had around the shed.
Hubby was willing to help me with this project, but I wanted to do it myself. He did help with the heavy lifting, and I do appreciate that :) Once I had the frame built, we had to move it into place in the greenhouse otherwise we would not have been able to get it in there. And now that it's complete... it's HEFTY!!! And believe me, it's not going to shift about! lol I also put 2x4's across the bottom of the legs so that it wouldn't sink down into the pea stone floor.
The benches basic construction is the Farmhouse Table, but I added a bottom shelf, a little like Handy Andy's. I must say, because this was not a fine piece of furniture, I was not as intimidated or nervous. It was great for my first ever big project :) It took me some time to complete it, over the course of 2 days, but then I also have to cook and clean and work and garden and a hundred other things in a day :) So, I was in no hurry, but it was a very fun project and I'm SO glad I took it on.
I will be building more of these benches to fill up my beautiful new 10x14 Cedar Built Greenhouse.
Thank you Ana, and Handy Andy!!! I couldn't have done it without your examples!
~ Tonya

Estimated Cost
$10 more or less
Estimated Time Investment
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Type of Wood
Discount 2x10 pieces and pallets and reclaimed 2x4's
Finish Used
Cedar colored stain sealer.
Recommended Skill Level

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