Helper Tower

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Submitted by fmiddleton on Sun, 02/24/2013 - 19:01

My first woodworking project since building a mug tree in school (I was about 12). This project started in the holiday break after I received a Kreg Jig as a gift, and this seemed like a good first project to tackle. We have a little boy about 20 months old who LOVES to help out, needed something more sturdy than standing on a chair, and this fit the bill perfectly.

I modified the design very slightly to ensure that the tower fits neatly under our kitchen island so that it stows mostly out of the way. That necessitated removing one of the "levels", and altering the dimensions somewhat to keep it proportional.

The biggest challenge of all was painting at the end! Made the mistake of using a spray can first, which made the wood fuzzy. So, sanded it all again, added primer (originally it was black), and then a couple of layers of white semi-gloss/enamel. Need to improve my painting technique to avoid brush marks in the future.

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Semi-gloss / enamel paint. Tried a rattle can to start, but the finish was terrible - sanded it down, primed the whole thing, and then a couple of coats of white semi-gloss.
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