Herb Garden Planter, easy to build, I can't believe how little it costs to make!

Submitted by Sue Hill on Sat, 05/10/2014 - 15:26

I'm just in love with all the Ana White projects. I tackled the faux fireplace mantel, made quite a few toolbox planters so this little box was easy. My biggest mistake was not verifying the thickness of the wood pickets I used. I couldn't find the cedar ones at Home Depot or Lowes so I used pressure treated pine pickets, on sale for $1.16 each! What I didn't realize until I was putting the first box together is that they were 5/8" thick instead of 1/2". I questioned my woodworking skills when everything didn't fit together correctly, but soon figured out the problem.
Since I had cut out two of them together, I finagled the design slightly to be able to use the cut pieces. You'll notice the end pieces are on top of the bottom piece of wood on certain ones. I continued to build a third box and it went together smoothly. Wow, I wish that I had a nail gun! I used 1 1/4" exterior screws and pre-drilled the holes.
I have three more pickets left and I'm going to run to Home Depot to find some galvanized nails for them. I wish I could find some cedar pickets, the pressure treated pine is rough to work with. I also printed out "HERB GARDEN" on my ink jet printer, then traced the letters using carbon paper. I outlined, then filled in the letters with a Sharpie paint pen. It came out rustic looking because the wood was rough. I was hesitant to sand the wood because I didn't want to breathe in the sawdust. I put a white wash finish on the stenciled box. The other ones are still unfinished. Looking through my stash of hardware, I found the cutest fork and spoon handles, saved from an old birdhouse.
I put the picture on my Facebook timeline and a friend sent me a message asking to buy it for her daughter's birthday. I'd better get busy making the next three.

Built from Plan(s)
Estimated Cost
$2 or more depending on the handles used.
Estimated Time Investment
An Hour or Two (0-2 Hours)
Finish Used
White washed with white DecoArt Patio paint.
Recommended Skill Level