Jasika's (First) Farmhouse Table

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This was the first piece of furniture we ever built and it was a big success, although knowing what I know now, I certainly would have done a few things differently. Luckily for me, following Ana's plans don't require a very steep learning curve if you have read The Handbuilt Home! Instead of investing $1500 into the brand new table I wanted from Pottery Barn, I decided to invest that money in power tools, equipment and materials for the table, which I acquired for about $900 (I had no tools in my possession at all so was basically starting from nothing). The price of this table decreases every time I make a new piece of furniture from scratch, and in the year that I began making furniture, I have made the farmhouse bench that accompanies this table, a coffee table, an upholstered vanity seat, a kitchen island, a book shelf, lots of shelves and small tables, and I am currently in the process of making a bathroom vanity for our newly renovated master bathroom. Each project I make from Ana's plans is easier than the one before it, and I continue to feel more confident in the work and in my understanding of how furniture is built. I feel so grateful to Ana for sharing her work and for inspiring so many people, both men and women alike, to reach a bit outside of their comfort zone and develop new hobbies that they never would have imagined having.

Estimated Cost
$115 for materials
Estimated Time Investment
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Type of Wood
Finish Used
Can't remember.
Recommended Skill Level


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