Kitchen Island

Took roughly 15hrs and $500... We bought the top at Lowes for $150 on sale (Acacia), because it turns out butcher block counter tops of this size (considered an "Island" top) are like $500 and I don't know who can afford those shenanigans but certainly not us. Interesting point: in as much as I totally appreciate the design (Thank You Ana!) the instructions are mostly beautiful but have a few key areas with room for improvement. If you are thinking of building this take some time to go over all the materials and really map out the project. I purchased everything in 8' lengths as per the shopping list, I realized afterwards that because my unit is only 5' long I now have many 3' cut-offs.... had I purhased 10' lengths, you see where I'm going with this yes? I would have paid more per board but had less leftovers. I think I also have a package of unopened screws and an extra board from the shopping list, no big deal, it's like the 10 hot dogs for an 8 pack of buns conundrum, I've now entered an infinite loop. I also realized too late that to use the pocket hole screws to secure the counter top I would need to drill the holes (using my handy dandy Kreg Jig) before putting the slats on the top shelf or else I couldn't get my drill in, rookie move I know...You may find, as I learned, Lowes/Home Depot do not carry such things as 4x4s that are not pressure treated and therefore not ideal to have in one's kitchen...I ended up purchasing all the lumber at an actual lumberyard (Peacock Lumber, Oshawa, Canada), which was cool, because now I know where that place is, and it smells nice. Have fun with your build. I tried to post some other pictures but they kept coming up sideways, story of my life. Take a look on Facebook if you want Adam Connor in Pickering, Canada, I'm not shy ;-)

Built from Plan(s)
Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Type of Wood
Finish Used
Lowes: Valspar paint (Kettle Black)
Recommended Skill Level