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Submitted by kkllgg on Wed, 04/16/2014 - 09:12

This was one of my first woodworking projects I completed with limited help from my handy husband. And the first time I used a jigsaw (to cut out the handles). I used mostly scrap MDF we had leftover from other projects - only purchasing one additional sheet of MDF for around $12. The MDF worked ok, but I did have some trouble with splitting when screwing it all together and screwing the castors on. Used our Kreg Jig where it made sense.

As a beginner, this project took me somewhere in the neighborhood of 16 hours over the span of a couple weeks. Cost was approximately $50 - including the MDF (but I used mostly scrap we had on hand), spray primer and paint, castors, and "Library" decal.

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To finish, I primed with Rustoleum spray primer and sprayed several coats (two cans) of Rustoleum spray paint in their bright yellow. (Note that if using MDF, the spray paint did not cover the edges well. I read a tip online that suggested spreading a thin layer of drywall spackle over the edges and that worked for me.) I had someone on Etsy make the chevron "Library" decal for me for about $5.
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