Little Girl Make Up Vanity

Submitted by akwebb3 on Tue, 08/03/2021 - 13:43

I made this little vanity as a gift for my grand-daughter for Christmas. I pretty much followed the plan for most of it. I didn't use stair balusters and just used 2x2's and created my own light up mirror. I bought a round piece of wood from Lowes then drilled holes spaced evenly around the edge so it looked the way I wanted. Then used a string of Christmas Village house lights that I found at Walmart. I used my Dremel to carve out a pathway in the back for the excess cord to lay in then inserted the lights into the drilled holes. I wanted to use plastic bulbs for safety reasons so I went with an LED bulb that I found on Amazon. But those didn't have that nice globe look so I used some ping pong balls and an exacto knife to cut out a small circle just large enough to fit the base of the bulb and attached those. So the lights are completely safe as they are all plastic and won't heat up since they are LED. I just used some scrap wood that I had on hand to make a little seat and bought a small piece of faux fur fabric to lay over the top for a more fancy look.

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