(mini) Camp Loft Bed with underneath storage

I used Ana's Camp Loft Bed plans but without stairs and lower to the ground. Our room is super small and there wasn't enough room for stairs. We also wanted to be able to lift her into the bed in case she falls asleep on our laps, etc. Our daughter is 5 and the ladder works fine. We needed as much storage for toys, etc. as possible we made it 44-1/2"H - that left 26"H underneath, just high enough to stack one 18 & one 10 gallon Rubbermaid container underneath (Home Depot). x7 = 196 total gallons of storage! She loves to lay sideways (with Shorty2) and a pillow to her back to watch SpongeBob on the TV mounted on the opposite wall.

I kept blowing out the pocket holes on the ends of the boards when I used the Kreg screws that I got at Lowes. They have a slightly larger washer head. I am a cabinet installer by trade so I used some other pocket screws (which have a trimmer head) I had on hand where I could. Their trimmer head didn't blow out as easily. For the spots that I had to use the longer Kreg screws I just grinded off the "washer" outer ring of the screw using my bench grinder. After doing that, they worked fine.

I reinforced everywhere I could (& where you couldn't see them) with L brackets. Especially under each step of the ladder.

I was originally going to put a curtain across the bottom but I did not allow enough clearance for the tubs to be slid out. It probably would have just ended up being a hassle to close and just left open all the time anyway.

My wife got the honor of painting - I hate painting!

Thanks Ana...Good Luck!

Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Type of Wood
2x4, 2x6
Finish Used
White paint
Recommended Skill Level

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