Modern Farm Table

This was my third project. The building is now getting very easy, it's the finishing that's the hard part. For some reason the wood wasn't taking in the stain very well even though I followed the right steps. Condition, sand, and then stain. In the end after many applications I was or I should say my sister who I was making it for was happy. I had to modify the size to make it fit in her space.

Estimated Cost
I really have to start keeping track, I didn't. Maybe between 150 and 200 with all the stains.
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used
I used minwax conditioner before sanding and minwax stains. Special walnut,weathered oak, and pickled oak. I started with the special walnut followed by a coat of weathered oak then the pickled oak. I wasn't happy with it at that point so I put another coat of sw and honestly I lost track. When I was finally happy with it I put a top coat of minwax spar urethane.
Recommended Skill Level