Modern Oversized Porch Swing

Sink back onto this bed-swing, and you completely relax. Eyes close as my guests slowly drift back and forth. These plans were awesome. Thank you Ana! The nice people at my local lumberyard cut the wood for me, according to plan. I tweaked the arms, and made them wider, to handle a laptop or cup of coffe. It is nice for even a 6'7" man to lay on because big feet can drape across the wide armrests. I added two "O" bolts (not shown in this picture) on the top back to that the rope goes through, to prevent it from tipping backwards. I added a 3" x 24" x 72" piece of foam that I made a cover for with outdoor fabric, so it is as comfy as a bed, and dries out quickly if it rains. The bolster pillows are 9" x 20" and are perfect for a headrest and at the other end, lift feet up to the armrest. The pillows are 14 x 14, but I will make larger ones in the future, probably 18 x 18 would be best for comfort. I spray painted it with 2 cans of Dark Walnut. I think I would use chains in the future, because the rope may not weather very well. I attached it to my pergola with two trailer tie downs that cost about $5 appiece, and they are good to 1200 lbs each. They consist of a metal bracked with two screw bolts that I screwed in with a rachet. Everyone loves this piece of furniture on my back porch. And I do too!! It's a lovely addition to my pergola and would be for any outdoor porch or covered deck.

Estimated Cost
$100 (plus cushion and pillows were additional $100)
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Type of Wood
pine and two by fours
Finish Used
I spray painted this with 2 cans of Dark Walnut color. No primer. It took less than an hour.
Required Skill Level