Modified folding table/benches

Loved doing this build, I have been thinking of making these for a while.

Based off of a few of the comments I read, I modified the plans a little bit. Instead of using three 2 x 6s for the benches, I used two 2x4s with one 2 x 6 in the centre. Shortened up the bench support length by 3" to make up for the difference. This allowed for a smaller seat, which is easier to get in and out of when in table mode, but still plenty to sit on when used as a bench.

I am trying to come up with an alternate system for pinning the table in each position. I have found that after only a few uses, the table has some wiggle in the top, most likely from the bolts going in and out repeatedly. I would love some ideas on how to get these to hold nice and snug when in each position!

I posted a few pictures of these on my Facebook page, where I now have been asked how much I am selling them for and have about 3 orders already placed! Looks like the spring will be busier than expected!

Estimated Cost
For the two, 8 foot benches, about $80 for the lumber, and $10 bucks for the hardware. So totaled at about $90.00 Canadian for the 2, prior to any staining.
Estimated Time Investment
Afternoon Project (3-6 Hours)
Type of Wood
Recommended Skill Level