Mom's Rustic X Console

Submitted by tracysmith on Thu, 08/16/2012 - 20:18

As soon as I saw these plans, I showed my mom who fell in love with the look. She loved it but of course, we had to modify it so that it would fit her needs and fit into her space. I love it too, makes me want to build myself another tv console, but I already built myself one. ;-)

Built from Plan(s)
Estimated Cost
about $100
Estimated Time Investment
Afternoon Project (3-6 Hours)
Type of Wood
Pine/Doug Fir
Finish Used
I used the steel wool/vinegar solution. Cheap easy and oh so beautiful!!!!!!!
Recommended Skill Level


Cyber Sapp

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 09:18

Can you share the dimensions of this cart. I'm looking to modify this similar to what you did. I need a smaller piece than what the plans require. Thanks in advance.


Tue, 09/08/2020 - 03:18

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