My first build, the simple twin bed

As my daughter got older she refused to sleep in her crib, so I decided I wanted matching beds for her and my son. We live in a small 2 bedroom house so they have to share. So while looking up ideas for nice beds at a cheap cost I followed links until I reached and I was amazed. I sat on my computer for hours yelling at my husband to "COME LOOK AT THIS" (which I still do today). So I picked a plan and started on in. With some help cutting from my dad I had the first bed done in a couple days. Sadly I have not finished the second due to a random mind and trying to find a way to make my boy and girl room a little more grown up and uni-sex friendly.

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Sat, 07/30/2011 - 10:36

I did the same thing when I found this site! Sat on it for hours and constantly yelled for my hubby to come look at this. Lol

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