my first reclaimed wood project

Submitted by aria_dia on Thu, 06/02/2011 - 20:12

I was going to make this project out of pallets, but all the pallets that I have access too were pretty beat up and falling apart, so my mom gave me some leftover cedar fencing that she had on hand.

This is my first build using reclaimed wood; the boards looked pretty straight when I got them, and even after they had set in my heated garage for a week, but when building time came I found that they are warped. The boards dont fit exact, but I think it gives it more character.

My husband and I are debating on if we should stain it, paint it or just seal it. We plan on using it for a silverware caddy, since the house we're currently in doesnt have a single drawer in the kitchen big enough for a silverware tray! We do plan on using rope for a handle on it, but I have yet to find a rope that I like the feel of in my hands (Im picky like that).

I made this using hand tools, and 16gage nails (what I had on hand). My brother is currently hoarding all the power tools at his house and isnt sharing so I must learn how to do everything old school again!

This is also my first build of anything since becoming a mommy for the first time (6 yrs ago!), since then I've generally stuck to reupholstering things. Now I want better, less expensive things than I could just buy.

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