My Rustic X-Side Kitchen Island

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Submitted by cassiet717 on Sat, 03/22/2014 - 05:53

I’ve been hoarding my scraps for the past six months or so hoping to build this as soon as possible. I paid roughly $34 for it!
Everything but the 1”x8” drawer face and the project panel top came from my scrap pile. My aunt and uncle’s renovation dumpster provided the missing 2”x4”s. There are nail holes, dings, and some general bruising, but who says that’s a bad thing?
I omitted the piece of trim beneath the drawer to allow more room for storage on my shelf. I absolutely love my island, and as usual Ana's plans were flawless!
You can see details on how I built and finished on my blog here:
Thanks for taking a look!

Estimated Time Investment
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Type of Wood
Finish Used
Olympia latex paint, Minwax Special Walnut stain, Minwax Finish Wax (body), Polyurethane (project panel top)
You can see tips for recreating my finish here:
Recommended Skill Level

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