New Bookshelf, First Project!

Submitted by AmberAZ on Thu, 09/22/2011 - 19:16

My DH and I built this using the side tower plan. It was about $50 in materials, including the birch 1/4" plywood we used for the back. We made it 48" tall and 24" wide. I finished it with a charcoal grey water based Minwax stain, and then sanded that out to bring out the wood grain more. I topped it with two coats of wipe on poly, also by Minwax. It was not too hard to build and was pretty fun actually. I am just glad that it actually looks like a piece of furniture and not some boards screwed together. I kind of want to do one with red stain now to make it look like barnwood, hmmm...

Estimated Cost
$50 plus a little for finishing supplies
Estimated Time Investment
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Type of Wood
Whitewood select boards, birch plywood, and furring strips
Finish Used
Minwax water based stain and wipe on polyurethane
Recommended Skill Level
Starter Project