"not so flag" flag inspired table

My son made the table and the love seats for his Senior project in high school . What a labor of love. Love they way it turned out. He opted not to do the flag but to stain it all over. It took 5 coats of stain to get the finish we got.

Estimated Time Investment
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used
I ordered seat cushions (high density foam) from amazon. I also ordered 24 X 24 inch pillow forms for the backs. The cushions and forms cost me about 120 dollars. I bought the fabric by the yard from a local fabric shop. It cost 60 dollars. Thus, I have 180 in the cushions (plus my labor which is priceless!). This however is much better than I priced any purchased sets. Those would have been at least 65 a set. For 4 sets, it would have cost me closer to 300 . This way, I have the bragging rights too for making them. This set has been lusted over by many of our friends!
Recommended Skill Level