Office makeover

It was time for an office makeover(at home). Sitting on the floor makes for a strong back and works those core muscles, so it was time to change things up. About a year ago or so I modified Ana's Flip Top Storage Bench / Coffee Table for my husband to use as a desk, as he needed to sit on the floor due to a back injury. Now it was time for mine. I instead modified Ana's Scrap Lap Desk. and it was truly built of scraps, with the exception of the hinges(which is odd, because I always have hinges lying around!)
I made the desk larger, and adjusted the height to fit me. I also omitted the side boxes and instead added a shelf on the bottom. Construction was simple and straightforward. Primed with whatever primer I had around, and even painted with a can of oops paint. The edges were lightly distressed, and will naturally distress even more, I am sure.
I had a green bookcase already, and the orange bins with I got on clearance at blue some time ago, and suddenly my color scheme was set--in the 70s. But I like it, as I need more color in my life. The printer stand I cobbled together out of scraps as well--essentially a box. A few boxes covered in paper, a rug from old tshirts, and two light fixtures-one a polyhedron from milk jugs, and the other a flower pot from the bullseye store, and I am set. Oh, and I finally got around to making my corkboard from all of the wine corks I've collected throughout the years. Or some of them, anyway.

Built from Plan(s)
Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Afternoon Project (3-6 Hours)
Type of Wood
furring strips, plywood
Recommended Skill Level