The only glamorous thing in my kitchen...

Submitted by bhoppy on Wed, 09/04/2013 - 16:40

Is this kitchen island with its beautiful marble top:-) I really hate my kitchen because it is so ridiculously from the 80's and small... but it's a rental so it's not forever. The only counter space I had to cook is right there to the right of the sink by the coffee maker. I started building this the night Ana put the plans up. A friend of mine just remodeled her bathroom; and gave me the top since it was just sitting in her garage. I had to modify the plans only slightly to accommodate the top. It's 3 inches wider than the plans and I beefed up the top frame with 2x2's to support the 29 pound slab of stone. I spent less than $20 on the project because I had leftover wood from another project and a whole bunch of 2 x 4's from a project that got trumped for this one:-) I also ripped a piece of plywood to 11 1/4 to use as the sides and added edge banding on the back. I used paste wax for the very first time instead of polyurethane and I'm not sure how I like it yet.

Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Type of Wood
birch plywood, poplar, spruce (i think) 2x4's and regular pine
Finish Used
Early American, dark walnut and paste wax
Recommended Skill Level


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