Patrick's Beach Cottage Dresser Modified

My husband played college baseball and kept many baseballs from different leagues and conferences he played in, and also was given many by teammates and friends during his playing days. We were remodeling our guest bedroom and wanted to display the baseballs he kept in a dresser or night stand.

We found the Patrick's Beach Cottage Dresser plans and thought were could start with that and modify it. We wanted it to be longer, so we doubled the amount of drawers and seriously modified the top. We made two display boxes, which were basically like drawers, out of 1x4's and thin plywood as the base. We stretched grey felt over the plywood and stapled it in. We then nailed the display boxes in place after painting them. As a result, we didn't build drawers for the top space and just used false drawer faces.

We bought a piece of display glass 12"x72" which was an "oops" piece from the glass shop for $20.00. It really makes the dresser pop in person.

Please excuse the fact that we don't have handles or knobs on the dresser yet, I will be adding them this week!.

Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used
Creamy white paint, which we then sanded the edges and followed it up with wiping on stain with some paper towels and rubbing it out quickly.
Recommended Skill Level