Pottling bench/greenhouse/water collector

Submitted by richvide0 on Tue, 03/15/2022 - 08:58

I modified the simple potting bench into 3 components. The potting bench, a place for seedlings and a sink.

We get a ton of rain up here in the mountains of Puerto Rico. So much so that it tends to drown seedlings if they aren't covered. So I took the Simple 2x4 Potting Bench plans and modified them to fit the space I had picked out for the project. Since we get so much rain I wanted to collect it. So I added a clear pvc roof and with a gutter made with pvc pipe which flows into a 27 gallon storage container. This disperses into the sink. There is a bucket under the sink to collect the water.

Note: I had to add a 2x4 support under each shelf. I made the two big shelves a little longer so it needed it to support the 1x4s.

I am an avid gardener so I should have given myself this gift after years of not having any level/proper space to work.