Reclaimed Wood Bedside Table

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Submitted by Ktosaka on Fri, 11/22/2013 - 07:31

I had inherited some bed frame wood from our local Re-store and have been working it into projects here and there. We needed some actual night stands and I loved the look of the Reclaimed Look Wood Nightstand, but they were a little too tall for our bed. The height of the original plan is 28" and I ended up taking out one drawer for a total height of 20". I also found two sets of drawer slides at the Re-store and decided that an open shelf on the bottom would better suit our needs, so I crossed the reclaimed plan with the farmhouse plan to create a shelf on the bottom. The bottom is built the same way that the sides are, but attached so that the 2x2 is on the underside.

I didn't have enough wood from the bed frame to make two full tables, so I used Douglas fir 2x2's for the legs (the best the local big box home improvement had that day for my price) and white board for the table tops and every other board for the sides and shelves. This was my second real building project, so they were really easy to put together, but it was a lesson in making everything super square because of the drawer slides. The finish I used also goes great with a 130 year old dresser that you can see a bit of next to the finish table. The wood only needed one coat to reach the color closest to that dresser and it hid the fact that I used three different types of wood in this project. Overall they are just what we needed in this space. The bed frame is IKEA, but I am thinking about making the Reclaimed Look Bed Frame to match the tables in the future.

Estimated Cost
$75 for two side tables
Estimated Time Investment
Day Project (6-9 Hours)
Type of Wood
Whiteboard, Douglas Fir and Reclaimed Bed
Finish Used
One coat Minwax Provincial stain with two coats of Minwax Wipe-on Poly. I like the look of the wipe-on, but this is the first time I've used it so I'm hoping two coats is enough. For the application, I went with old cotton socks.
Recommended Skill Level

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