Rustic Adirondack Bench (love seat)

I loved the Rustic Adirondack Chair so much I felt I needed to make a bench in the same style. I had to be a little creative with the chair plans and modify them to make my bench work. I am absolutely thrilled with how it came out! I already have a friend who has requested a chair and bench (love seat) for his son's wedding gift!

Estimated Cost
Material costs for the wood was $85-ish. Wood prices are nuts right now!
Recommended Skill Level



Fri, 08/20/2021 - 16:37

You can make the 1x10 in any length you want. I’m planning on making a loveseat too and The measurements I chose for the seating area will be 48” long (which is the size for 2 seat cushions).

The Step 1 in Ana’s plan, all measurements will be the same.

Step 2: The two 2x4 horizontal supports will be cut at 48”.

Step 3: the two 1x10 seat panels will be 3 inches longer than the horizontal supports. So you will cut the 1x10 seat panels at 51”.

Step 4: Instead of two, you will need THREE seat supports. So cut three 2x4’s @ 32 3/4”. The third seat support will go in the middle of the other seat supports, drilled to the horizontal back support.

Step 5: Attach your back bottom horizontal support which will be a 2x4 at 48”.

Step 6: Attach the 1x10 seat back panels. You will cut (3) 1x10 @ 48”.

Here is the cut list for the loveseat version of Ana’s Adirondack plan. These are the lengths I chose. So with this cut list your loveseat should be big enough for two 24x24” seat cushions. I plan to add cushions for extra comfort.

My cut list:
(2) 2x4 @ 31 3/4”
(2) 2x4 @ 19 1/2”
(2) 2x4 @ 33 1/4” Cut at 20 degrees as per Ana’s plan.
(3) 2x4 @ 48” Horizontal supports. One goes behind your calves.
The other connects the end frames/arm rests at the back.
(2) 1x10 @ 51” Seat panels.
(3) 2x4 @ 32 3/4” Vertical supports for the back panels.
(3) 1x10 @ 48” The back panels.