Simple vanity

Submitted by jlrd13 on Sat, 06/04/2016 - 19:57

My husband and I built a house doing all the work that we could. When we started the project, I told the men in my life they were going to build the kitchen cabinets. They were pretty adamant they weren't.  I started visiting with experienced cabinet makers. One kept repeating, "It's just a box. It's not that hard to build a box."  With that encouragement, I found Ana's website and set about learning woodworking. First I built a step stool for my grandson, next I built some shelves for the shop, then I built this vanity. After I finally got it finished, I called an experienced woodworker to build my kitchen cabinets. Ha! I will say though, when the appraiser came out, he commented on what a nice vanity it was! Thank you, Ana, for opening up a new world to me!!

Built from Plan(s)
Estimated Cost
I had to buy an additional piece of oak as I made a wrong cut. It also took me a lot longer than someone with more experience, but it is doable for a beginner.
Type of Wood
Finish Used
Custom stain. 24 oz mission oak, 24 oz paint thinner, 12 oz English chestnut.
Recommended Skill Level