Simple White Nightstand

It is a friend's birthday on 5/6 and I noticed she didn't have a nightstand so instead of buying a present, I decided to make her a nightstand. I really liked how the person who built "Lee and Beth's Simple Nightstands" used bead-board on the sides, and I have a lot of bead-board left over from our master bathroom renovation, so I decided to use it, too, and that way I wouldn't have to buy the wood for there, because I didn't have any extra plywood to use there. I also used the bead-board on the back and as the bottom of the drawer.

It looks more modern-cottage than it does modern, like I wanted, but it still looks good.

Pictures are of what it looked like pre-sanding and wood-filling, with 1 coat of the stain on it, and then finished with white paint.

With the combination of scrap wood and new wood, I only spent $20 on new wood for the project, and $5 on the drawer pull!

For the top, instead of a 1x12 and 1x3, I used a 1x12 and and then flanked it with 2 1x2s - for a more balanced look. I also cut the 1x12 at like 19 1/2 inches instead of 18 1/2.

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Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
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I originally wanted this to look just like the one that Ana has posted (minus the distressing) - in an espresso stain with the brushed nickel pull on the drawer. I forgot to add the pre-stain and put the stain right on the wood and it looked horrible. The wood did not take the stain well, nor was it even, and the wood filler was visible all over the place. I decided to paint it a flat white instead. I put on 2 coats of white primer and 3 coats of FLAT white paint. I don't really like glossy paint as I feel like it's harder to get it to cover right. I haven't done it yet, but will add a couple coats of satin polyurethane to protect it.
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