six cubby shelf

Submitted by amyjeanae on Mon, 09/17/2012 - 09:45

This goes into the mud room next to the recycling unit that I just completed the other day. My first project out there was a wooden bench with re-claimed wood. Very simple. I finished all three pieces similar. I painted grey paint on parts of the pieces (two coats) and then used a clear polyurethane (two coats with sanding before and in-between) on the rest of the projects.

This project was easier then I expected, and I love the look. I almost bought one like this at Ikea last year. So glad I held off as this was way cheaper to build and now has more sentimental value instead!

I was able to find brown bins to fit at for $6.50 a piece, and can't wait for them to ship here. 4 of the 6 will be used for shoe bins, and the other 2 will be used for hats and mittens (live in Minnesota). So much neater looking than the plastic shoe shelves we had before.

FYI: there is a cut missing on the cut list: It is the bottom piece. The cut is 28 3/4" and is not mentioned on the list or in the diagrams....

Built from Plan(s)
Estimated Time Investment
Afternoon Project (3-6 Hours)
Type of Wood
pine &/or whiteboards
Finish Used
clear polyurethane (2 coats) - sanding before and in-between.
Recommended Skill Level



Thu, 05/19/2016 - 15:33

Hello! I'm new to woodworking. I recently purchased an 8v lithium-ion drill by Ryobi. It's taking forever to build my cabinet with six cubbies. I keep having to stop to charge the drill. Do you think a 12v drill/driver would suffice? 

Thank you for your help! :)



Thu, 05/19/2016 - 16:33

Hi Suzanne - this is a great drill.  The ryobi One + drill/driver uses an 18v battery which fits interchangeably onto the other One+ tools.  This one is on sale as a set from Home depot, which comes with a battery and charger.


Also you can get extra capacity spare batteries to switch out with:

I love mine and have purchased several other One+ tools and the extra batteries as well. (I especially love the AirStrike 18 gage finish nailer which doesn't need a compressor).    Happy building!

:)  Joanne