Storage Shelf

After replacing that trashed out IKEA dresser with the fire fighter style locker in the boys room I started taking apart said dresser to put out on heavy trash day. It was then I realized that while it wasnt the BEST materials, the top and sides were actually not all that bad. As it was the piece was too wide for the space I was looking to fill, so I did a little trim of the top, replaced the supports and framing and rebuilt this into a shelving unit.

I bought a couple 1x2s to frame shelf supports and actually used the base of the drawers as a shelf.

My neighbor across the street is a DJ and has about 100 million plastic crates in his garage that he is getting rid of (they used to hold his vinyl). So I took a few and have been finding uses for them. I spray painted 2 of them red and used them as the basis for where to attach the shelves.
I also had a couple of other baskets for toys that were just the right size for the small top shelf. I just need to go back and paint those red too.

Estimated Cost
just a couple bucks for those 1x2s
Estimated Time Investment
Afternoon Project (3-6 Hours)
Recommended Skill Level