Tall Dresser

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Submitted by mweir on Wed, 03/28/2012 - 20:35

My wife Tracy and I wanted a dresser like this for one of the bedrooms in the new house. Well Tracy went to work looking for one on Craigslist and E Bay ( She is the best at hunting down a bargain). After only one day she found an add for a solid wood dresser for sale in our area. When I came home from work she let me know there was a project in the back of her vehicle for me.
I was very impressed with what she had found. This was a serious solid wood dresser. With me having a couple of days off prior to our trip to Cabo (and Tracy needing me out of her hair while she finished all the details needed for the trip) I started on this right away.
The dresser had never been finished, it was just raw wood. This was a plus for me because no stripping was needed. Just a little light sanding is all it required for prep work.
I discovered that the knobs did not match. After a quick trip to Menards the dresser was complete.
Total cost of our dresser $65.00
See more pictures at buildandsave-mike.blogspot.com

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