Thank you Anna! Salsa Console Table Project

Submitted by jblair814 on Fri, 04/01/2022 - 06:48

I have to give a massive shout out to Anna White and to all the other folks who did their own variation on the Salsa Console Table.

I started this project before my daughter was born, and needless to say, that turned it from a "couple of weeks" project to a "most of the year" one!

The good news is that in taking my time, I was able to think and re-design and that made the final project so much better! I kept the original idea of a 'criss-cross' wine rack, elevated the drawer/cabinet design with shaker-style joinery, and laminated the top myself (sooooo happy with how that turned out). I made the extra bits of trim around the mid-section and base myself with a router and scraps from the drawer faces (since trim is so expensive at box stores)

Lastly, the finishing involved two of my very favorite products: Benjamin Moore Advance for the body(expensive but diamond-hard finish) and Varathane Poly Stain and Seal (there is just no substitute for slow-drying oil finishes on tabletops - so smooth and rich in colour)

All in all, the project cost me around $600 (high prices of wood during Covid to blame) but there is just no substitute for doing it yourself, and since most solid wood buffet tables run $2000+ I still came out ahead.

Cheers fellow woodworkers!!!

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