Tiny House Closet that Slides out of the Shower!

Submitted by Ana White on Mon, 12/12/2016 - 18:29

So ... we've spent a good deal of time in an RV between our cabin build and Alaska outdoor lifestyle, and one thing that has bugged me is the shower space.

For me, our shower is where we put the stroller, the extra paper towels, the sleeping bags, the cooler, the fishing poles.  Since our RV doesn't have good exterior storage, the shower becomes the only place we can stuff things that have no other place to go.  

But then when you want to use the shower, you have to take all the stuff out, put it on the bed, and then after using the shower, dry it out and replace all the stuff.  I thought and thought and thought for years how I could build some sort of storage unit that was in the shower, but could hinge out or slide out on a track when it was shower time.  Unfortunatly on an RV it isn't as simple to modify things, so that idea never progressed.

On our latest tiny house build, we had no hanging space for clothing.  So I begged the homeowner to let me try a sliding closet.  This is how it turned out - 

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