15 FREE Favorite Farmhouse Furniture Plans

Check out our TOP Farmhouse Furniture Plans, they are FREE to download and start building!



1.Indoor Farmhouse Playhouse

indoor playhouse

This well thought out plan maximizes material use, is solid and won't break! We love that it can be modified and finished to suit the vision of the builder. The darling window boxes give it that extra charm! An indoor playhouse makes a great gift that is sure to be enjoyed for years!



2.Farmhouse Bedside Table

Farmhouse Bedside Table

If you've built or are planning to build the farmhouse bed, this bedside table is the perfect match! IThis plan features one large bottom shelf and one large drawer, built with no drawer slides! Check out our free plans for this farmhouse nightstand. Reader submitted photo.



3. Farmhouse Hall Tree

farmhouse hall tree

Using basic tools and lumber, create an entryway solution for your home. We have the free plans for this farmhouse hall tree, click, download, build! Whether you choose to paint or stain it, there are endless options. Have fun with the hardware and basket selection to complete the look. 



4.Farmhouse Bed

farmhouse bed

The bed that started my woodworking journey... This is another beginner friendly project, using basic tools and materials! Since the start of my woodworking journey over a decade ago, we've come up with new and improved plans, simplifying the build process. I've included all sizes on my site, just Google " Ana White Farmhouse Bed" and the size you want, we have you covered with the free plans, get building!



5. Farmhouse Potting Bench

farmhouse potting bench

This farmhouse potting bench is a perfect addition for outdoor storage and functionality. I would love to see it inside, as a coffee/hot cocoa bar. I've even seen it as a workbench with added tool storage! As you can see there are so many options to make it a beautiful potting bench, or think outside the box, and customize it for your needs! 



6.Farmhouse Storage Bed

farmhouse storage bed

This Farmhouse Storage bed can be built with or without drawers depending on your preference! Click on the plan link and check out all of the brag posts to see what others have done for inspiration! Different sizes available on the site!



7. Modern Farmhouse Console

modern farmhouse console

I love this plan so much that I made it as seen here as a wide console table for firewood storage, we also have the narrow console table, a modern farmhouse coffee table, an modern farmhouse end table, as well as the modern farmhouse desk! Check out the entire collection in the link below!



8. Farmhouse Cubby Storage

farmhouse cubby storage

We love the flexibility of these cubby storage shelves. They could be used just about anywhere in the house to add to that farmhouse vibe! Have fun with the finish and labels to add to the farmhouse effect!



9. Farmhouse Laundry Station

farmhouse laundry station

This farmhouse laundry station is a new way of thinking about laundry! Functional, pretty and effective, it's all in one place. The laundry hampers are on a slide out to make it easy to reach and the top lends a place to fold and sort the laundry. This DIY laundry station is perfect for a small space, whether in the laundry room or even on an interior wall, it makes laundry storage nice and neat!



10. Farmhouse Porch Bench

farmhouse porch bench

Create a farmhouse entrance with a large porch bench with x detail! This is another beginner friendly plan using basic materials and tools! Have fun finishing it with paint or stain and add a few throw pillows to complete the look! Reader submitted photo.



11. Farmhouse Porch Swing

farmhouse porch swing

This farmhouse porch swing plan is a simple and straight forward build great for beginner woodworkers. Watch your kids play in the backyard or the chickens free range! This swing will integrate the farmhouse feel to your outdoor space as well!



12. Farmhouse Kitchen Island

farmhouse kitchen island

One of our latest farmhouse island with open shelf plans will be sure to complete the farmhouse look in your kitchen! We love all of the open storage, adding baskets is a great way to easily access daily use items, but keeps everything neat and tidy at the same time! 



13. Farmhouse Toybox

farmhouse toybox storage coffee table

The best part about this farmhouse toybox, not only does it have extra hidden storage, it also doubles as a coffee table! What's even better? The plans are easy to follow and can be built even if you're a beginner woodworker! Reader submitted photo.



14.Farmhouse Desk

farmhouse desk

We love the look and simplicity of this farmhouse desk. You guessed it, another beginner friendly project! Paint or stain to your liking and get to work, whether it's in your office or a main room in the house, this farmhouse desk will look great!



15. Simplest Farmhouse Dining Table

farmhouse dining table

One of our newest plans is this simple farm table! Seriously guys, it is so easy to build and even with the cost of lumber, save yourself some money and build your own dining table! We have the free plans, get building!

free farmhouse furniture plans