Top 10 Produce Storage Solutions

With the school year starting back up and the harvesting season upon us, we've compiled TEN awesome produce storage solutions!

These 10 DIY produce organization projects will look great, keep it fresh longer, and make it easily accessible for the whole family.

These solutions will work for any space, including corners, countertops, wall storage and under cabinet design options. So, whether you're bringing fresh produce in from the garden to store, packing school lunches, or just looking for a quick grab and go snack, these solutions will make it easy and look great too!





1. Countertop Potato Bin

countertop storage potato bin veggie storage countertop produce

Produce Countertop Storage - Featuring three compartments generously sized, each holding about 10 pounds of produce.  Stackable design.  Solid wood construction, can be easily modified and stained or painted as desired.



2. Vegetable Bin Cupboard

produce storage veggie storage vegetable bin

Vegetable storage cabinet that looks great and is functional too! This vegetable cupboard keeps produce separate with the cubby compartment design!

Built by Barefoot in Blue Jeans



3. Wall Mounted Produce Bin

wall mounted veggie storage wall mounted produce

These wall mounted produce storage bins will keep the countertops less cluttered. Our low profile, sleek design can be used just about anywhere. Easy to access and keep produce at hand for the whole family. Get building with our free, beginner friendly plan and fill it up with fruits and veggies!



4. Vegetable Rack with Slide Out Trays

vegetable rack with slide out trays vegetable rack wood  vegetable drying rack

When harvest time comes, you need somewhere to dry all of your produce and store it for the winter.  If taken care of properly, you could be enjoying garden fresh carrots and potatoes all winter long.

Build a vegetable rack that can be used for produce storage or as a drying rack!

by Serena 



5. Stackable Produce Crates

stackable produce crates produce storage

A great way to store fruit on the counter, within easy reach. Store even more by stacking and storing! Such a fun, easy and functional organizational project, Build it with our free plans - Beginner friendly.



6. Produce Stand

produce stand

This awesome design by Over the Big Moon is great to set at the end of the counter! Love the organization aspect to grab and go. Fill with produce, snacks, juice boxes, basically whatever you can think of!  Another beginner friendly produce project.



7. Countertop Fruit and Veggie Rack

countertop produce rack

Another countertop produce storage option by Wilkerdos. We love the look and simplicity of this design.



8. Corner Vegetable Bin

corner storage corner produce storage

This DIY Corner Vegetable and Produce Bin is great for that unused corner! With a small footprint and vertical design, it's a great way to organize the produce!

by Anika's DIY Life



9. Under Cabinet Produce Storage

under cabinet storage

This awesome under cabinet produce storage option, keeps things off the counter, but still easily accessible!

By Live Renewed



10. Farmhouse Vegetable Bin Storage

farmhouse vegetable bin storage

This oh so cute farmhouse vegetable bin, will look great on the counter! We love the nice tilt out design by Saws on Skates!

diy produce storage fruit and veggie storage harvest grab and go snack