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The start of it all...

I'd been married 10 months when I found out my husband was leaving for a month. We'd been really lucky. To make it this long without having to be apart was impressive for life in the Marine Corps. Don't get me wrong, we'd been apart almost all of our relationship and all but 2 weeks of our engagement, but somehow this was different. We'd recently moved to Hawaii, and I very few friends. I'd been job hunting, and I really couldn't find anything, so I was getting a little down about what I was going to do with my life.

We got into base housing, and had a brand-new, 3 bedroom home to decorate. It was really exciting, but we had 2 couches and a mattress. Literally, that was it. And furniture is expensive, especially in Hawaii, and the stuff we could afford to buy was crap. So I decided to try to build a headboard while my husband was gone. What better way to entertain myself?

I found Ana White, and off to Lowes I went with my little Rav4. I filled it to the top with wood and month later, my husband came home to a new guest bed, two end tables and a wife with a mind full of projects to tackle.