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I have always loved Interior Design, woodworking, crafts, sewing, etc. but rarely had time to pursue them. I just retired and we downsized by about 400 square feet which didn't sound like much till I realized that my furniture from my last house would not fit no matter what. So I have been researching small areas and how to maximize storage, etc. I love the Pottery Barn Shayne table that you made. I have looked at that table so many times in the catalog and thought that we might be able to make it. You just proved it, so thanks very much for the instructions/
safety info, and showing how to cut the rounded edge of the table with a jigsaw. I am ecstatic about making the table and about checking out your new book on Amazon. It sounds like one I should add to my library. So happy I found you on Pininterest. AWESOME INFORMATION and PICTURES.

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