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I'm a military wife and mother of 7. I'm originally from Queens N.Y., but recently moved to the beautiful state of Washington. We move often, but hopefully found our forever home. I have always loved the look of Pottery Barn, and rustic furniture but always found it to be out of our price range. I recently started looking on pinterest and saw that people were making their own. I thought, wow I could do that! Since I was a kid I wanted to build things but I was told "that is for boys". I stumbled upon this web site and it's given me so much inspiration. I told my husband about it and found out that we shared the same desire to build (he was a carpenter before joining the Navy). So my husband is going to teach me how to use power tools and we're going to go down this journey together to make our own, beautiful, wood furniture ourselves. Thank you so much Ana for the inspiration. Hopefully we'll have pics soon to show our new creations.

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