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Retired general contractor after 50 years in business. Married with 13 kids, all grown, 12 still alive. I lost my oldest son 8 years ago yesterday, day after Christmas. He had 4 grown kids and 2 small ones ages 11 and 3 and they both loved their daddy soooo much. We have over 45 grndkids and 12, maybe more great grndkids.
I am 70 years old for another 27 days and they 71. We bought a 2000 sq. ft. house couple years ago and we are totally remodeling it. It needed all new wiring, all new plumbing, all new windows and especially insulation because it had never been insulate in the 114 years its been around. (1905). I like Anna ideas and projects so I am here to get some ideas from her and do some of them. My name is Dennis McFarland and maybe some of will talk later on down the road. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY ONE HERE.

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