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My husband and I live on our farm in Loris, South Carolina – it has been in my husband’s family for many generations. We have four dogs and five cats that keep us entertained! We love the freedom our way of life allows and acknowledge the countless blessings we are afforded by the Lord. Our farm provides hushed calm and quiet – all without any sound or annoyance from that of city life.

Our goal is to continue preserving the multitude of trees, plants, and wildlife that are native to the land here. Wildlife is abundant and healthy on our property, such as, bald eagle, brim, bass, whitetail deer, wild turkey, turtles of all sorts, mushrooms, frogs, pines, red oaks, maples, cedar, dogwoods, and numerous other plants and trees. And of course, we do have snakes – mostly red belly water moccasins, cottonmouth moccasins, and copperheads! My husband and the cats keep their populations in check. We keep vigilant watch to ensure nothing is introduced to our land that could negatively impact nature.

We have great respect for trees and go to great lengths to rescue lumber that others discard as trash. We have yet to find a piece of lumber that cannot serve some sorts of continued purpose. I am not saying anyone should stop buying lumber, far from it… However, we should be better stewards of our resources and put an end to simply throwing out lumber that still has constructive purpose.

I am excited to see so many plans and ideas come to life on this site. We look forward to being life-long members, and sharing with others who also care about conserving natural resources.

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