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We are “The Weekend Woodhacks.” Even after 25 years of marriage, we continue to enjoy working on projects together.

Although expanding, our woodworking skill sets are basic with much more to learn. Our woodshop is modest and we are painfully slow! Consequently, each project is an arduous process of pondering, negotiating, re-designing and over-engineering.

Several years ago, we had a house built for a weekend getaway in the nearby mountains which was furnished with what we could afford at the time. Recently, our interest in DIY woodworking projects has evolved into a decision to build several pieces of Farm House style furniture from Ana’s website to upgrade our weekend house. Our expectation is that this process will consume a year + of Saturdays to complete.

The woodworking industry appears to be crowded with egos and “woodsnobs.” Ana White’s website is a breath of fresh air with practical plans and valuable information from members who have submitted pictures and comments. “Many Thanks” to Ana and the members for expanding our horizons.

“The Weekend Woodhacks”