$40 Breakfast Bar Featuring I am a Homemaker

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DIY Breakfast Bar for under $40 by I am a Homemaker

Oh my goodness! This is an amazing solid piece of furniture for under $40, you heard me right, U  N  D  E  R $40, I mean that is one trip to the movie theater, one dinner out, one cheap toy, you get it. My first thought when I saw this after, "wow that is awesome, I have to share with our readers" was, "How perfect would this be for a standing desk?" That way, you can have your breakfast and eat it too.

A simple project that will make you happy. I never get tired of seeing what our DIY community comes up with next, keep them coming. This one is shared by I am a Homemaker, she shares some amazing projects, so go check out this DIY Breakfast Bar, as well as her other stellar projects!


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