Brookstone Queen Headboard

Submitted by Ana White on Wed, 11/17/2010 - 21:04
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A rustic headboard that looks like an old barn door.


A while back I posted plans for the Brookstone Bed in a twin size.

Photo from Devin

So many of you asked for different sized plans, but time just flies by, and before I knew it, months had passed and still, I hadn't found the time to publish more plans in the collection.

But after seeing these stunning photos from The Picky Apple, I knew I HAD to prioritize adding at least the queen size.

We'll start with the headboard.  Isn't it beautiful?  For lots more photos and details about the finish, make sure you visit The Picky Apple. You can also see all the plans in the Brookstone Collection here.

Dimensions are shown above.


Shopping List

8 1×4, 8’ Long
2 1x2s, 8’ Length
3 1×3, 8’ Length
1 1/4” Finish Nails
2” Finish Na

Common Materials
120 grit sandpaper
wood conditioner
paint brush
Cut List

18- 1×4 @ 31” Panel Boards
2 – 1×2 @ 49 1/2 “ Side Legs
2 – 1×3 @ 49 1/2” Front Legs
2 – 1×3 @ 38 1/2” Back Supports
2 – 1×4 @ 38 1/2” Front Trim
1 – 1×4 @ 26” Center Trim
1 – 1×3 @ 44” Top Trim
1 – 1×4 @ 45” Top Trim
2 – 1×4 @ 30” Ends cut at 30 degrees off square, parallel, see last step

Tape Measure
Speed Square
Safety Glasses
Hearing Protection
Circular Saw
Miter Saw
Brad Nailer
Power Sander
Drill Bit Set


Step 1

Headboard Panel

Start by lining all the 1×4 panel boards up, rotating the grain so the bark side is up, then down. Adjust for square. Then if you have a nailer, glue and nail the top and bottom trim in place. Otherwise, screw from the back to hide your screw holes. Shown above back side up, so you would just screw through the trim into the back side of the panel boards.

Step 2


Now screw the legs on with glue and 2″ screws.

Step 3

Leg Fronts

Nailer would be handy here, but if you don’t have one, you can screw the leg fronts to the legs. Use glue and 2″ screws or nails.

Step 4

Front Trim

I highly recommend measuring and cutting these to fit. Nails would hide best, and even if you don’t have a nailer, if you plan to stain, I suggest using a hammer and finish nails to hide any holes. If you plan to paint, go ahead with the screws and glue.

Step 5

Step 6

Top Trim

Now add the top trim with screws or nails and glue. Center on the top.

Step 7


Use finish nails and glue to attach the top to the top trim. Center on the top.

Step 8

Cross Supports

Start by cutting 2 1x4s 36 3/4″ long, with both ends cut at 45 degrees off square, parallel to each other. Then on the top end, measure in 2″ and mark a line square with the top edge (see above diagram). Cut this line. Attach the cross supports to the headboard with 1 1/4″ finish nails and glue, nailing into all of the panel boards.



Mon, 04/18/2016 - 05:15

This is a website with hundreds of plans and probably thousands of users. She also seems to have her own tv show, as well as a family to take care of. So its no surprise to me that she doesnt answer each question personally. Measure the dimensions of your bed, and change the length of the plans. A queen bed is typically 60x80, but a full is 54x74. So go over the steps and write out the adjustments. Make little pictures to help you to make sure everything is right.


Tue, 04/19/2016 - 08:00

How much did you pay for these plans? And you're mad because you haven't gotten the new plans you wanted personally modified for free? This site has tons of amazing plans FOR FREE, and no, you won't get all of your questions answered instantaneously, but you can get some help, and you're certainly getting a lot more than you're paying for. That said, although these plans are great for novices, they're not appropriate for total beginners who don't know how to calculate dimensions. Even if you have the exact cut list, you may need to make changes on the fly due to things like variations in board widths, and if you don't have the ability to do that then you're going to make a huge mess. If you really want to do this project then find someone to help you in person.


Mon, 04/18/2016 - 09:55

1) Measure the mattress, figure it out. You can also use the Internet to find a multitude of measurements for full-size beds. If you don't have enough experience to figure this out, you should not be building this on your own. You need assistance. You will waste materials and then be angry about it.

2) Get over yourself. I doubt that not replying to your question says so much about her, but your response certainly says a lot about you.


Sun, 09/17/2017 - 10:56

If i wanted to make this a floating headboard, what would you reccomend as the best/easiest method of doing so?? Thanks in advance anybody. 

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