Cloud Toilet Paper Storage

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DIY Cloud Toilet Paper Storage. Ever went through every drawer in hopes of finding that one last roll of toilet paper? This should definitely take care of that. Also it adds a unique touch to the bathroom.

For more information on this Cloud Toilet Paper Storage, and to download 11x17 template visit TheDIYPlant

Cloud Toilet paper storage
Cloud Toilet paper storage dimensions


Shopping List

Tools for this project

Kreg Jig Mini
Tape Measure
Pipe Clamps
• Band Saw
Nail Gun


Material List

• 51"x22" - 3/4" Plywood (x1)
Brad Nails
2 1/2" Pocket Hole Screws
Wood Glue

Cut List


Cloud Toilet Paper Storage cut list


Step 1

Glue boards together


gluing boards together


clamp boards together for Cloud Toilet Paper Storage


Cut Sheets and Glue

Take 3/4" thick plywood and cut six 11"x17" sheets using Table Saw. Glue the sheets by pairs to get 3 sets or boards. Clamp them together and let glue dry. I usually leave it overnight for glue to dry completely.

Step 2

Glue template on plywood

glue template on plywood boards


Print Template and Glue on Boards

Once the glue dries, print out 11x17 templates provided in the PDF and glue the them on top of each board using regular kids paper glue.

Step 3

Cut out shapes

cut out cloud shapes


cut out cloud shapes for toilet paper storage


Cutting out Cloud Shapes

Using a band saw, cut out the cloud shapes. Cutting with Jig Saw might work as well, but band saw works much better.

Step 4

Glue shapes together

clamping cloud toilet paper storage layers


sanding cloud toilet paper storage


Attaching Cloud Shapes Together

I designed the cloud shapes to overlap each other so that the entire cloud holds together stronger.  Find a flat surface and place the first layer of cloud shapes. Glue the first and second layer together interlocking the shapes. Also, use Nail Gun with Brad Nails to secure it in place. Repeat with 3rd layer. Clamp it together and let the glue dry. Once the glue dries send it to remove rough or uneven edges.

Step 5

Drill pocket holes in cloud

pocket holes on cloud toilet paper storage


Pocket Holes for Wall Attachment

To attach the cloud to the wall, use Stud Finder to locate studs and mark it on the wall. Place the cloud on the wall at the desired location and height and transfer the marks onto the cloud. Using a Kreg Jig Mini, drill a pocket hole for 3/4" wood thickness on the inside of the cloud, but use 2 1/2" Pocket Hole Screws to attach it to the wall.

Step 6

stain and paint on cloud toilet paper storage


stain and paint on cloud toilet paper storage


Stain and Paint

Stain or paint before attaching the cloud to the wall.  I used Jacobean Stain as my first layer. Than after stain dries my second layer was Chalky Finish pain. To apply Chalky Finish , spray water on the cloud and apply the paint using a rag.  Wipe off extra paint with a dry rag. I also used polyurethane as my last layer to secure the paint and stain. That's it, you’re done with this beautiful Cloud Toilet Paper Storage.

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