Contemporary 4 Panel Sliding Door - Featuring Paper Daisy Design

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Four Panel Sliding Door by Paper Daisy Design

Here is another approach to the sliding barn door by Paper Daisy Design. More contemporary with the 4 panel design. It's great that not a lot of room is needed to incorporate this style into your already existing doorways.

Another great feature to this design is the ease of modifying the size to fit your opening! An update that shouldn't go unnoticed, stop by Paper Daisy Design for the free step by step tutorial!





Mon, 01/18/2016 - 09:15

I love the look of this door and the simplicity. What if I wanted to have the "panels" appear on both sides but didn't want to double the thickness of the door. Do I just try to find thinner plywood? ANy other recommendations on how to make the panels appear on both sides without adding ridiculous thickness?