Corner Workbench with Bench Tool Lazy Susan

corner workbench
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Sturdy corner workbench plans with lazy susan for bench tools - free plans designed by

bench tools on lazy susan

Corners are always tough. They are so hard to reach, and corners usually increase the complexity of a project. 


Ryobi asked me to help them design the ultimate Dream Workshop this past year, and one of my challenges to tackle was the corner.  I love simple, sturdy workbenches in the garage - you can count on them, no matter what task you are doing, they are easy and inexpensive to make, and you don't have to worry about "ruining" it.  So first up, I suggested a basic corner workbench build.

But I wanted to add a little something extra to the corner workbench to help utilize the space a little better, without over complicating the project.

How about a lazy susan for those super heavy bench tools?  Using a pin to secure in place, the lazy susan expands an awkward corner into a two, three, maybe even four tool corner!  

I loved that you can also rotate the tools easily to fit whatever board you are using - so even if the tool is pinched in the corner, you can still use it from all different angles.

Ready to build?  The plans for this corner workbench with bench tool lazy susan are at Ryobi Nation.  Do hop over and download now!

XO Ana


PS - Make sure you check out the rest of the Dream Workshop here.


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