Floating Shelves

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About Project

Floating shelves can bring a little architectural interest to an otherwise blank wall. These floating shelve are easy to hang and remove, and can be made as long as you wish. Inspired by Young House Love's Floating Shelves.

Special thanks to Ashleigh for sharing her photos.

photo from Young House Love
Love Young House Love's Floating Shelves?
photo from Young House Love
Yeah, me, you and Better Homes and Gardens and DIY Magazine.
So let's get ourselves a Young House Love dining area! Starting with those floating shelves . . .
photo by Ana White, shelves built and designed by Ana White

Rather, THESE floating shelves. Built these this morning, wanted to test out the smooth and shiny finish, the skill level, and the sturdiness. And the floating shelves passed. Love, love, love! Super easy and cheap too!

photo by Ana White, shelves built and designed by Ana White

So where's the hack? Gimme the plans?

Well, you gotta go to Young House Love to get the plans. That's right, I'm blogging on EST today! Clock out - expect to be over at Young House Love for quite some time, their home is inspiring, their design taste makes me think moose antlers and beach colors could go together.

How to Build Floating Shelves like the Youngsters