Foodie Play Kitchen Stove Wood Toy

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DIY simple play kitchen stove wood toy inspired by Land Of Nod. Free plans by

I'm so bad.

Last Christmas - like five months ago - we built this little wood play kitchen stove for our son.

Some of you guys with eagle eyes have spotted it in background shots of other projects and in videos - so sorry it has taken me this long to share the plans with you.

It's adorable.  He loves it.  She needs to clean the playroom.

To make this wood play kitchen stove, we used up 1 - 1x12 board (about $15 here) and the rest was scrap wood random stuff left over from various other projects.  Save the little stuff - it's what can transform a $15 board into a solid wood play kitchen.


The finish is Rustoleum Chalked in Country Gray. 

It's topped with Crystal Clear by Varathane.  This is my favorite top coat because it is water based clean up, doesn't yellow, and dries fast and tough.

Plans follow - if you build, share, we'd love to see how you make yours too!

XO Ana


Dimensions shown above


Shopping List

1 - 1x2 @ 8 feet long 24" x 24" piece of 1/4" thick plywood (for back) 1 - 1x4 @ 8 feet long 1 - 1x3 @ 2 feet long 1 - 1x2 @ 18-1/2" long 8"x16" piece of plexiglass 4 - wood dowel pieces 1" long (I used leftover closet rod pieces) 2" wood rounds, 3/4" thick 1 set of self closing hinges that can be surface mounted

Common Materials
3/4 inch finish nails
1 1/4 inch finish nails
Cut List

1 - 1x12 @ 22" 2 - 1x12 @ 20" 1 - 1x12 @ 20-1/2" 1 - 1/4" plywood @ 22" x 20-3/4" 1 - 1x4 @ 22" 1 - 1x3 @ 22" 2 - 1x4 @ 14-1/2" 2 - 1x4 @ 15" 2" wood rounds, 3/4" thick 1 - 1x2 @ 18-1/2" 8"x16" piece of plexiglass 4 - wood dowel pieces 1" long (I used leftover closet rod pieces)

Tape Measure
Safety Glasses
Hearing Protection
Kreg Jig
Circular Saw
Miter Saw
Brad Nailer


Step 1

Build the basic box out of the 1x12s. You can use pocket holes or 1-1/4" brad nails and glue. All joints will be reinforced.

Step 2

Attach back to sides/top and bottom. Use the 3/4" nails here (the longer nails tend to split out the sides and are unnecessary for tacking the back on). Make sure you keep the project square as you attach.

Step 3

Attach the front pieces with 1-1/4" nails and glue. Again, keep project square as you attach.

Step 4

Build the door panel (I recommend using 3/4" pocket holes and 1-1/4" pocket hole screws). Attach the plexiglass with 3/4" long wood screws (you just need one in every corner). Hinge on with self closing hinges.

Step 5

Step 6

Add optional feet to base.

Step 7

For the stovetop we took pieces of wood scraps and made grates on top and nailed down with 1-1/4" nails and glue.