Hanging Storage Shelf Featuring My Love 2 Create

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Wall Mounted Storage/Plant Shelf by My Love 2 Create

I hope you've all been enjoying the time this season. Time to be with family and friends, time to relax, and hopefully time to knock some projects off the list. Today we're sharing a super easy project. I enjoy shelves with storage very much, because of the functionality and look. Here's a simple DIY hanging storage shelf with cute country cottage flair. 

Can you believe this was built using scraps? It's too pretty to believe, and just goes to show, it's doesn't hurt to keep those scraps around. 

I dig all the options on this shelf. Plant shelf on top, hooks on bottom, and the wire mesh and hardware pulls, that bring it all together!  My Love 2 Create has the tutorial as well as some other great DIY projects and tutorials! 






Tue, 12/29/2015 - 12:25

I am serioulsly sooo excited, thank you so much for sharing my shelf on your site Ana!!!  You made my day!