Herringbone Top Outdoor Table Featuring Cherished Bliss

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DIY Herringbone Top Outdoor Table by Cherished Bliss



Now that Spring is present in most areas in the nation, EVEN ALASKA! We're all dreaming of our outdoor space and how we can put our DIY Magic to work, right? This DIY community we live in is beyond amazing. This project is a testimony to that. 

There's so much building going on, but it's not always easy to share the plans for the build, those are 2 very different skills. SOOOO, the talented Cherished Bliss built this spectacular DIY Herringbone Top Outdoor Table and decided to ask Rogue Engineer to help with the plans so we can all build it with ease. How awesome is that? And that folks, is why I love our DIY community, always willing to help and share. Be sure to visit Cherished Bliss and Rogue Engineer and give them a great big THANKS for their outstanding colaboration! Be sure to share your version, we love to see what you all come up with!

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