Cabin House Build

We are building a cabin style house designed maximize efficiency, comfort and affordability. It's inspired by traditional Alaska cabins, with good heat convection, shared windows, and a beautiful pitched roof.  In just six weeks, go from a footer in the ground to a fully insulated shell.  We are planning to sell or rent this house when we are done.  We hope that the techniques we share will inspire others to build their own homes too.

Cabin House Build Episode 9: How We Build and Finish Wood Ceilings

We are building a small, simple cabin style house in Alaska to sell.  We hope the end result will be an affordable, efficient, low maintenance home, that does not lack on comfort and style, for one family.

Roofs are a big deal.  Since heat rises, having a well insulated roof is essential to heating a home efficiently.  Roofs also add the greatest character to a home - both inside and out.  We love building exposed timbered ceilings for these reasons:


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Week 7: Interior Framing, Stairs (Cabin House Build)

Last summer, we spent six weeks framing up a house from a burned foundation.  It's a very simple house, inspired by traditional Alaska cabins for heating efficiency, low maintenance, and ease of building.  But we didn't get the heat system installed, so were unable to work on the Simple House over the winter.

This week, we started the project up again and got all the interior walls framed and stairs built.  You can watch our progress here:

Here's the l

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Cabin House Build Episode 2 - Wall Framing, Floor Framing

We are building a simple house in Alaska.  To keep costs down without sacrificing energy efficiency and square footage, we simplified the design.  The floor plan is compact, but well planned.  We are hoping to create a home for resale that is more affordable upfront and over it's lifetime - heating a home in Alaska can be so expensive.

Last week we got started by finalizing the design, building the foundation, and creating the main floor system.

This week, t

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Cabin House Build Episode 1: Design and Floorplan

Housing costs are rising faster than wages - making it more and more difficult for people to own their own homes.  Up here in Alaska, where heating oil costs are also rising, we have to compensate by super insulating our homes - driving up the cost even more.  It's hard to afford a decent home these days.

Jacob and I had a chance to buy a burned house a couple of years ago, and this year is the year for us to build a house on the existing foundation.  We plan to

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