Modern Farmhouse Bed

Submitted by Ana White on Tue, 11/28/2017 - 13:50
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About Project

Modern style farmhouse bed, DIY plans by

The right bed makes the room.  In a bedroom, the bed dominates the room, grounds it, and is the focal point.  All the other bedroom furniture simply compliments the bed.

So when it comes to designing a bedroom, I always start with the bed.  

But the problem is, a beautiful bed can be very expensive - as in thousands of dollars.  But the good news is beds are fairly easy to build, and for the size of the bed, astonishingly inexpensive.  It often costs more to build a dresser or an armoire than a bed.  

We just moved into a new home, and our original DIY farmhouse bed wouldn't fit between the windows.

But I still wanted that "farmhouse" look - the square styling, the planked headboard, the beefy legs.  But maybe a little more modern.  

Using off the shelf 2x4s, 2x6s, 4x4s and leftover tongue and groove from our house ceiling, we came  up with this -

We ran the planking horizontal this time, and traded the footboard and siderails in for a platform base.  The results are all that rustic charm, but in a simplified version that is just as sturdy and beautiful as the original.

I'm in love.

This bed also ended up being much easier to build and less expensive than the original farmhouse bed, thanks to the simplified design, less cuts and less joints, and less trim boards.

We kept the finish simpel with Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerator -

Magic in a can!

We did a video on the build of this bed, do watch - lots of little tricks and tips -

And of course, the step by step plan follows.  For your convience, the plans are easy to adjust for most any size bed - just measure the length and width of your mattress and plug the measurements in.


Dimensions shown above


Shopping List

Shopping List depends on Mattress Size - see cut list

2-3/4" self tapping wood screws

Cut List

2 - 4x4 @ 52-1/2" - Headboard Legs

1 - 2x4 @ width of mattress + 7" - Top of headboard

2 - 1x2 @ 27-1/2"

5 - 1x6 or 1x6 tongue and groove @ width of mattress - Headboard planking

1 - 2x6 @ width of mattress

2 - 2x4 @ length of mattress - Siderail Top

2 - 2x6 @ length of mattress - Siderail

2 - 4x4 @ 14-1/2" - Footboard Legs

1 - 2x4 @ width of mattress - Footboard Top

1 - 2x4 @ width of mattress - Footboard Base

2 - 2x4 @ length of mattress - Cleats

1 - 2x4 @ length of mattress + ~1" - Center Cleat 

11 - 1x4 or 2x4 @ width of mattress + ~2" - Slats


Common Mattress Sizes (width x length) - Measure and double check

  • Twin - 39" x 75"
  • Full - 54" x 75"
  • Queen - 60" x 80"
  • King - 76" x 80"
  • Cali King - 72" x 84" 


Tape Measure
Speed Square
Safety Glasses
Hearing Protection
Kreg Jig
Miter Saw
Power Sander


Step 1

Attach top 2x4 to legs - we just screwed through top with 2-3/4" self tapping screws.

Step 2

Nail or screw (fastener length at least 1-1/4") 1x2 cleats to the inside of legs.

Step 3

Attach first plank board to cleats, top and legs.  If using tongue and groove, place groove side up, tongue side down.  Pocket holes (3/4" setting, 1-1/4" screws) recommended for attaching to legs and top.

Step 4

Attach remaining planking boards.  If not using tongue and groove, you will need to attach each 1x6 to the 1x6 before it with 3/4" pocket holes and 1-1/4" pocket hole screws.

Step 5

Step 6

Build two of the siderails by attaching 2x6 to 2x4 with pocket holes.  We centered the 2x4 on the 2x6.  I also drilled pocket holes to attach the 2x4 (place carefully so won't be covered by 2x6) and 2x6 to the legs in later steps (see step 8).

Step 7

Build the footboard as you did the siderail, then attach to legs.

Step 8

Attach siderails to the legs with 2-1/2" pocket hole screws or metal brackets.

Step 9

Add cleats with 2-3/4" self tapping wood screws.  Center cleat optional for twin bed.

For additional support center legs can be added to the center cleat.

Step 10

Lay slats over cleats and screw down.



Mon, 12/04/2017 - 17:20

Do you have any plans for a bedroom set with this as the bed? We love the plans for this bed frame but need a bedside table and dresser to make too. 


Thu, 12/14/2017 - 06:53

I am planning to build this bed for my looks like there is no box spring...does it not need one? What do you recommend?



Tue, 12/19/2017 - 10:05

We are about to tackle this project and instead of a box spring we are building a platform. We bought a Casper mattress and any sturdy, flat surface works for that mattress. Therefore we're avoiding a box spring and raising the sides a couple inches from the stock plans then putting in a plywood platform between the rails (with supports in the middle of course). Good luck!